After hearing about P.Waythamoorthy Passport Issue, I was thinking why this keep happening to Indian’s in Malaysia.


I sat down and start analyzing some recent Election results , our populations statistics and the Cabinet compositions.


Here is the findings:


            Bumiputra         – Malays (UMNO)                                           50.4 %

            Bumiputra         – Non Malays (Sarawak/Sabah Indigenous)      11.0 %

            Chinese                                                                                   23.7 %

            Indian                                                                                        7.1%

            Others                                                                                       7.8%


Cabinet Compositions ( The Highest Executive )


            UMNO            – 71.88 %

            MCA               – 12.50 %

            MIC                 – 3.125 %

            PBB                 – 6.25 %

            UPKO             – 3.13 %

            PBS                 – 3.13%


Based on percentage wise UMNO (without taking into consideration other Bumiputra Party) already controlling almost 72% of the cabinet. That’s more than 2/3 required for any meeting to vote on policies.


During last election UMNO won 66 seats in Peninsular Malaysia ( i.e 47.14% of BN seats) .Let’s include East Malaysia 13 seats , then UMNO percentage will be 56.43%. How come they can control 72% of the cabinet.


Ministry controlled fully by UMNO :


1)      Ministry of Defence

2)      Ministry of Foreign affairs

3)      Ministry of Entrepreneur & Co-operative Development


If we could see the discrimination at the Countries highest Executive Level despite the current government poor record on recent election. Just imagine what could had happen in past when they had more then 2/3 Parliament majority.


This is just simple statistics for us to ponder upon. More to follow.


4 Responses

  1. Hey, the point is not that the cabinet be divided into racial lines or percentages but that the people who have the best interest of the nation and all its people at heart be appointed to the cabinet

    If 72% of the best people are in Umno, and that’s why they got their position that is fine, but we know that is not how cabinet positions are allocated. That’s is the whole point why BN is so disfunctional.

    Capable people in the other component parties will never be able to serve the people to their full capacity, in that case why bother being in any of the component parties except Umno (if you can etc the restrictions)?

  2. stop criticising on the racial issue.maybe you are right.but,it does not mean that the other races cannot fill up the higher post in just based on the understanding between the parties that had been understood a long time is also because most of the parliamentary seats owned by umno.moreover,if i not mistaken,most of the voters is malays.even in kapar.they still vote for Indian rep eventhough majority are malays.that’s how you win,isn’t it?so,there no such things who owns the governement..

  3. Guys, the issue is not racial matter. It’s matter of tolerance and understanding among Malaysians. If the Highest Executive themselves doesn’t reflect the true composition of Demographic how can we anticipate it to happen at lower level. Further, it create the reason for others to ask. Why Sabah is asking more? As policy decision will be one sided. Don’t see like previous politicians, in one angle.

  4. i do agree with you,okigrp.maybe i was wrong.but,the the highest executives followed the ruled that had been agreed before independence.malays will have more rep in government.that is why parti perikatan can be,there is a silent policy.sabah is asking more because they won more…it is not wrong.i’m not on any side. maybe just the matter of fact that the our government getting weaker.but, i do believe that the same thing happen at the alternative side.because i had involve in both parties.the stories were different at the beginning but towards the end,it just the same…

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