Hindraf leader again moves court for freedom

Hindraf leader again moves court for freedom
Kuala Lumpur, May 23: After failing to secure freedom in his first bid, an ethnic Indian leader, detained under a draconian security law for the past five months, has filed another application claiming he has been denied medical attention by Malaysian authorities for his diabetic condition.

A habeas corpus writ was filed on behalf of P Uthayakumar, a leader of Hindu Rights Action Force that led the massive anti-government protests against alleged marginalisation of the community last November, by his counsel N Surendran.

In his affidavit, 46-year-old Uthayakumar, held along with four of his colleagues, including a newly elected lawmaker, at the Kamunting detention centre in Taiping, claimed he had been denied medication for diabetes between mid-February and April 6.

“I asked the prison officials for the medication prescribed by the Taiping General Hospital but they refused to give it to me. This led me to ask them to see prison director Yasuhimi Yusoff. All my six requests were never granted,” local media reports quoted him as saying.

The five are held under the draconian Internal Security Act under which a person can be detained indefinitely.

This is Uthayakumar’s second habeas corpus application seeking his release, reports here said.

The first plea was dismissed by the high court along with the applications of the four others. The federal court upheld the high court’s decision earlier this month.

Uthayakumar also claimed that he had been denied the diabetic diet he requested. Instead, he was given rice and curry.

Bureau Report


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