Kapar is a town in the Klang district of  in state of  Selangor, Malaysia.


The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Power Station which operates since 1987 is located not far from town. It is a major power station in the Klang Valley region with capability of producing about 2340 MW power from coal.


Kapar is house of  Major Industries  and trade with mix of Local and Foreign Investors. Kapar , Malaysia’s biggest Parliamentary comprise Klang Straits (Selat Kelang) major Industrial Estate and Malaysia Busiest Port NORTHPORT. Sementa, where KAPAR town situated and major plantations operates. Meru, fast transferring as major Housing, trade and Industrial area. Sg Pinang, the heart of North Klang town including businesses and trade centre.


Kapar also green the world with Oilpalm Plantations though new townships start emerging lately.


Kapar’s multi racial communities live is total peaceful and harmony with tolerance and understanding well on each others customs, practice, religion ,etc.


Previous administration policies had let many Oilpalm plantations workers stranded when it been developed by private developers. Thus, social issues such as gangsterim, theft , unemployed arise and temple’s relocation or demolishment.


Kapar parliamentary has most the necessary Community infrastructure such as primary schools, secondary schools, a healthcare clinic. However, Tamil Schools classified as “Bantuan Modal” by ruling BN Government receives little attention. Students of these schools still study without basic amenities while some national school has House for the principals and extraobitant facilities when compare to Tamil Schools.


Kapar has good public transportation network connecting to Kuala Lumpur city via Federal /state roads including Toll Highways such as NKVE and Shapadu. Kapar town is about 60 minutes drive from the heart of Kuala Lumpur city center.



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